PA 320

PA320 is a mini amplifier with 4 Ohm speaker connection, used to amplify unbalanced line signal, such as from TV or other player to one or two speakers with a total load of 20W.

PA 330

PA 330 is a 30W 100V line output mini amplifier with adjustable volume.  It can be used to power several speakers of up to 30W 100V line and is suitable for applications such as pole speaker warning system, resorts chalet remote PA installation and so forth.

MC 2000 series

MC2106 and MC2112 are 60W and 120W 100V line amplifiers respectively, very suitable for small installation without zoning, such as retail outlets, meeting rooms, etc.

MA 2000 series

60 / 120 / 240W 100V line mixing amplifier with zone selector. Available in 60W (MA2060), 120W (MA2120) and 240W (MA2024) and comes with optional media player for USB, SD Card and AM/FM tuner.

PA 2000 series

PA 2000 series are power amplifiers available in ratings of 120 / 240 / 360 / 480 / 600W 100V Line. Features include thermal, short circuit protections, inrush current limiter, dual speed fan controls on temp, AC and DC operation and much more.

DP 2000 series

DP 2000 Series power amplifiers are built on Class D amplifier circuit platform available in 2 versions ; 2 x 120W ( DP2212 ) and 4 x 60W ( DP2406 ). They are suitable for large scale zone numbers with lower power ratings than usual. Among them, matrix setups.