To reach impressive heights, no matter how complex it is, the new  CITYBEAM LED 24 is the right solution. Whatever is the final application, where long distance light output is required the CITYBEAM  LED family solve your problem.


Elegant and powerful, IP67, the DUAL 80 RGBW/FC is a twin headed LED Lighting fixture with a very wide light output. Using 80 high brightness LEDs RGBW/FC the fixture combines an innovative optic system with large diameter lenses.


The ARCHI 40 is the new small and innovative RGBW wall washer, suitable to light-up areas with vibrant colors. The fixture is IP67 and it is encased in a robust and reliable case.


Top product within Archibar series, is the ARCHIBAR SL300 RGBW/FC equipped with high powerful LEDs. Robust and reliable case, the new luminarie, IP67 rated is suitable for architectural and entertaimnent applications.

CS1 575

The CS1 is a 575W moving head wash light projector and is equipped with four lenses for four different beam angles.

XS 700

The “Xs 700 Wash/C” is an incredible and powerful wash light spot. Its optic system, the most powerful HMI 700W/SE lamp and the modern and reliable electronics, allow incredible performances.