Paging microphones

PM 1000/1060/1120

Condenser mic with illuminated ring. Pre & post announcement 4 tone chime. Adjustable mic and chime volume. Output level selection. 6 or 12 zone selection ( PM1060/1120 )

PD 1160

PD1160 is a simple 8 / 16 channel paging desk. It is now with built in chime and compatible with other zone decoders such as TD6080.

PD 1900

7" capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 resolutions. Friendly user interface. Group of zones setting. User customized name setting. Built in chime and siren. Illuminated gooseneck mic.

PD 2400

24 zone digital paging mic with LED indicators. 24 fixed zones with 4 groupings, suitable for small installations. Suitable for multipoint paging and comes with 4 tones pre and post paging chimes.

PD 2800

Numerical digital paging mic with LCD display. Capable for paging of up to 256 zones. Comes with 4 tones pre and post paging chimes.

PD 1240

PD1240 is soft touch paging mic. It has 24 fixed zones and are included with 4 groupings, suitable for small installations.  It comes with 4 tones pre and post paging chimes.



The Apex162 is a true stereo mini condenser microphone designed specifically for use with MiniDisc recorders, portable DAT or select MP3 / Remote Hard Drive recorder/players. The 1/8th inch mini TRS connector is fixed directly to the microphone and mounted on a swivel base allowing the mic to be angled up to 90 degrees forward when attached directly to a recording device.


This is the ideal microphone for sound reinforcement applications where the microphone needs to have a tight pick-up pattern, but cannot be placed close to the source. Shotgun microphones are most commonly used on sound-stages, for stage plays, for broadcast or for electronic newsgathering. This super-cardioid shotgun mic will run on either phantom or battery power.


The simple to use Mega2 is powered by ten AA-size batteries with a battery life of up to 25 hours (continuous use). The 950g (without batteries) unit puts out a maximum of about 15 watts and has an effective useable distance of about 400 metres (1300 feet). Ideal for public Address & Emergency Announcements, Crowd Control, Sporting Events, Outdoor Event Traffic Management, Rallies.