Volume controllers

VC 7000 series

The VC 7000 series volume controllers ranges from 5W 8 Ohm, 5W 100V Line to 150W 100V line. Front facial plate is 86 x 86 mm British face plate in white colour and UV protected.

VC 8000 series

VC8000 has slimmer front face plate, with grip slip knob, preventing overturn of the switch. It is available in ratings from 10W 8 Ohm, 10W 100V line to 100W 100V.

VC 7000A series

7000A Series are of 70 x 120 mm faceplates, available in ratings from 10W to 100W 100V line. Similar to other series, they are suitable for 4 wire system with overriding relay and LED indicator.

VR 7600

The rack mounted versions are meant for installation at central rack. allowing zone by zone volume attenuation. Standard versions are 6 x 50W, 6 x 100W and 6 x 150W per channel.

AV 7200

AV7200 is auto volume controller for localized areas. It varies the speaker volume at 100V line level instead of sending back control data to rack for volume adjustment. 

VP 7501

To utilise the speakers in a localised area such as meeting room, retail unit or restaurants, a patch panel shall be required to allow local amplifier to power up the speakers. VP7501 is 50W in rating and comes with standard 86 x 86 mm faceplate.